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I think he spotted us… 8|







Well, I’ve officially finished my first playthrough of Fallout: New Vegas. It was a bit of a mess in the end because I literally decided just before the battle of Hoover Dam I’d rather see the Independent Vegas ending, which … yeah. And to make matters worse the final fight glitched out, so I had to kill General Oliver and then viciously murder his Rangers without any of them doing the least to defend themselves (talk about feeling like a jackass). But oh well, that’s how you do it, right? ;)

Next thing to do is to set up more than a rudimentary mod list, decide on an ENB, decide whether New Vegas Redesigned’s unrated features are worth all the other things I don’t like about the mod (I personally prefer FCO’s changes, I actually have it overwriting NVR right now but of course it’s not as comprehensive), create myself a new character and try the joys of Hardcore Mode.We’ll see how that’ll go.